Infectious Diseases  - 6 beautiful vintage posters

We do not mind if it rains

We do not mind if it rains and wets us through- we are not afraid of anything as we have in our basket the genuine "Fer Bravais" which will preserve us from all illnesses. Source (Credit: Wellcome Library, London)

tuberculosis poster

"Fight tuberculosis - obey the rules of health" - A poster from the Works Progress Administration created between 1936–1941 urges the public to prevent tuberculosis by having good sleeping habits, eating well, and getting exposure to sunlight. Source - Wikimedia Commons

Small Pox Poster

Print, Montreal.St. George (Mayor Hingston) and the dragon (small pox), 1876, Ink on newsprint - Photolithography - 39.9 x 27.7cm.   source - wikimedia commons



Coloured pen drawing by Copp. Lettering: Precautions against malaria - "Not too little not too much but just right!"  Copp. Source  (Credit: Wellcome Library , London)



Don't go to bed with Malaria mosquito (1941-1945) - Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. Bureau of Special Services. (03/09/1943 - 09/15/1945). Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (Wikimedia.commons)



The typhus louse shaking hands with Death. Colour lithograph by O. Grin, 1919. Iconographic Collections source (Credit: Wellcome Library, London) 

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