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Mesothelial/monocytic incidental cardiac excrescence (Cardiac MICE)

Dr Sampurna Roy MD


Mesothelial/monocytic incidental cardiac excrescence,






Mesothelial/monocytic incidental cardiac excrescence, (cardiac MICE), is a benign lesion which was diagnosed incidentally in cardiac chambers, valves, and pericardial sac.

It is a small nonneoplastic clot-like lesion composed of mesothelial cells, inflammatory cells, adipocytes, and fibrin without a vascular network or supporting stroma.

The epithelial cells are arranged in strands and gland-like structures with eosinophilic cytoplasm and small dark staining nuclei.


Source:  Erinanç H, Günday M, Saba T, Özülkü M, Sezgin A. Lesion of Aggregated Monocytes and Mesothelial Cells: Mesothelial/Monocytic Incidental Cardiac Lesion. Case Reports in Pathology. 2013;2013:836398.




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