Pathology Poster - Metanephric Adenoma of the Kidney

 Dr Sampurna Roy MD


Metanephric adenoma





Metanephric adenoma

Macroscopically, revealed a homogenous tan or yellowish-white colour cut surface and the encapsulated tumour generally formed well-circumscribed mass.


Metanephric adenoma

 Microscopically,the tumour was composed of variable proportions of cells proliferated with formation of small glomeruloid bodies.



metanephric adenoma

 Tumours cells had uniformly small and indistinct nucleoli, and scanty cytoplasm.



metanephric adenoma

 Immunohistochemical staining revealed most tumor cells were positive expression of WT-1




metanephric adenoma


Immunohistochemical staining of tumor cells were positive for CD57 

Metanephric adenoma is a rare renal epithelial tumour ( 0.2% of all adult renal epithelial neoplasms).

The majority of cases occurs in patients 50–60 years of age and is seen predominantly in females by a 2:1 ratio.

Among renal lesions, it has the highest incidence (12%) of polycythemia.

The differential diagnosis includes epithelial-predominant Wilms tumor and the solid variant of papillary renal cell carcinoma.


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