Superficial Angiomyxoma

Superficial Angiomyxoma is a slow growing nodule affecting mainly adults.

These lesions are usually located in the head and neck region, on the trunk or in the vulvovaginal region.

Dermis and subcutis are commonly involved.

Histologically, these are multilobulated myxoid lesions consisting of spindle and stellate cells, thin walled blood vessels and inflammatory cells (neutrophils) set in a myxoid stroma.

Entrapped epithelial elements are seen in some cases.

Superficial angiomyxoma is known to be associated with Carney Complex.

CD34 stain is usually positive.

Differential Diagnosis : Superficial Acral Angiomyxoma, Aggressive Angiomyxoma, Cellular Angiofibroma, Angiomyofibroblastoma and Neurothekeoma.

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