Surreal Path Photography :

A set of photographs for art lovers and pathologists:


 Dr Sampurna Roy MD


Workshop - Elastofibroma:

Elastofibroma is a benign slowly progressive reactive lesion involving abnormal elastogenesis.


Brick Wall - Xanthogranuloma:

Xanthogranuloma is a form of histiocytosis derived from dermal dendrocytes.

Histologically, adult onset Xanthogranuloma is indistinguishable from Juvenile Xanthogranuloma in infants.

GoutStuck in a traffic jam - Gouty Tophus:


Gouty Tophi are pathognomonic hallmark of gout.



Scaffolding Poster

Scaffolding Poster - Building under construction. - Kimura's Disease

Kimura's disease is a rare benign chronic inflammatory condition which commonly occurs in the Oriental population.


Gold plated pendant and black tattoo.

Tattoos are produced by the mechanical introduction of insoluble pigments into the dermis. Tattoos are mostly decorative in type.  Occasionally carbon or some other pigment is traumatically implanted.

Gastric Xanthoma

Apples on green grass. - Gastric Xanthoma.

Gastric Xanthoma is characterized by collection of lipid laden macrophages within the lamina propria.

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